EventCAT: Live Localization Platform for Real-Time Translation

Live Subs

Supporting Live Subtitling for Broadcast and Event Streaming

XL8’s Live Subs service combines cutting-edge AI technology with speech-to-text (STT), combined with our best in class machine translation (MT). This powerful combination generates a new media stream with conformed subtitles in multiple languages. Easy to use drop down menus allow users to quickly choose their preferred language. With XL8’s Live Subs service, you can enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of your live broadcasts and event streams while delivering a superior user experience.


Real-time Interpretation for Call Centers, Conferences, International Meetings, or Video Calls

XL8’s Interpret provides a state-of-the-art solution for instant translation and interpretation. With advanced AI, STT, and MT technologies, Interpret generates on-screen translated text and synthetic speech, enabling multilingual conversations for global call centers, conferences, international meetings, or video calls. Elevate your global conversational audio capabilities and communication with XL8’s Interpret.

EventCAT for Zoom: Globalizes Your Video Conferencing Experience

The breakthrough solution for real-time, accurate translation in multi-language Zoom meetings

Product Highlights

Real-Time Translation

Lowest Latency

Easily Accessible Language-Specific Subtitles

Simultaneous Multilingual Support

20+ Supported Languages

Learn more about the XL8 Zoom App now and embark on a journey of understanding!

Leveraging XL8's cutting-edge Interpret platform, our new Zoom app brings the same powerful translation technology used in our EventCAT platform to live event interpretation and subtitling.

Concurrent live translation in multiple languages allows all participants to speak and understand others in the language of their choice.

Contact us to learn more and unlock the full potential of live subtitling and real-time interpretation for your broadcasting, event streaming, conferences, call centers, and international meetings!

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