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Machine Translation?

At this moment in history, everything is shifting. AI technology is transforming every walk of life.

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    • Sync

      Automatically extract lines from media content, match the timecode

    • Translation

      Content to multiple language pairs simultaneously

    • Dubbing

      Addition of synthetic dubbing or voice-overs

    • LiveSubs
    • Interpret
  • APIs for Developers

    Transforming the World

    Why XL8?

    In Q2 and Q3 2022, a committee of localization partners blind-reviewed 2,400 translated sentences across 6 genres for our new context-aware models. Each sentence is marked as correct* if it can be directly used in production with no post-editing. Here's the result.
    * The translated sentence has the same meaning as the source sentence, and a native speaker is able to understand it without ambiguity.
    Why XL8?


    “XL8 is a front runner in the field of machine translation. They provide consistently excellent results across a range of languages and genres, and show in-depth knowledge in building highly sophisticated translation engines. This is invaluable to us as a leading localization company so that we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality translation and localization results.

    Allan Dembry / CIO at IYUNO-SDI

    “At Scriptix we look to build partnerships with companies that have a shared vision when it comes to delivering the best possible solutions for customers. In XL8 we have found just that. They bring a dedicated team of specialists in their field to the table resulting in state-of-the-art machine translation algorithms that enable us to create more value for our customers by building end-to-end translation pipelines leveraging both Scriptix speech to text and XL8 machine translation.”

    Frans Olsthoorn / CEO at Scriptix

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