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Machine Translation That Doesn't Translate Like a Machine.

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Machine Translation?

At this moment in history, everything is shifting. AI technology is transforming every walk of life.

Meet our products

We believe technology to be key in building new and more efficient business models. We have created the most human-like translation engine targeted specifically towards media and entertainment localization.

  • Skroll

    • Skroll Translation
      Text Translation • Subtitle Translation
    • Skroll Sync
      Auto Subtitling
  • XL8 Live Subs

    • Live Subtitling with Translations
  • XL8 Interpret

    • Speech to Speech
  • Kicksubs

    Translate YouTube content

Transforming the World

Why XL8?

At this moment in history, everything is shifting. AI technology is transforming every walk of life.


74% of sentences translated by XL8
can be used directly in production


32% of delivery time reduced by using
XL8’s neural machine translation


“XL8 is a front runner in the field of machine translation. They provide consistently excellent results across a range of languages and genres, and show in-depth knowledge in building highly sophisticated translation engines. This is invaluable to us as a leading localization company so that we can continue to provide our customers with the highest quality translation and localization results.

Allan Dembry / CIO at IYUNO-SDI

“At Scriptix we look to build partnerships with companies that have a shared vision when it comes to delivering the best possible solutions for customers. In XL8 we have found just that. They bring a dedicated team of specialists in their field to the table resulting in state-of-the-art machine translation algorithms that enable us to create more value for our customers by building end-to-end translation pipelines leveraging both Scriptix speech to text and XL8 machine translation.”

Frans Olsthoorn / CEO at Scriptix

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