XL8's cutting-edge AI translation engine specializes in media and entertainment localization,

delivering human-like translations with a focus on colloquial speech, revolutionizing global reach and unlocking new business opportunities.

Why XL8’s Translation is the Best of its Kind

Our machine translation engines undergo regular rigorous blind reviews by our trusted localization partners, ensuring outstanding translation accuracy.

Golden data curated by professionals

Golden Data Curated by Professionals

Our AI Machine Translation engines are uniquely trained on “Golden Data.” Golden Data is the highest level of training data available. Golden Data consists of media and entertainment content that has gone through an extensive hand-curated process so that only human-perfected translation data is ingested to train our proprietary engines.

Multimodal Translation

Multimodal Translation

Multimodal Translation uses audiovisual cues, in tandem with Context Awareness, picking up on gender, age, and relationship-specific situations resulting in a more colloquialized translation.

Context Awareness

Context Awareness

Specializing in conversational translation, XL8 goes beyond word-for-word rendering, leveraging hidden information throughout the media file for contextually accurate translations.

Personalized Translation

Personalized Translation

XL8’s AI based Machine Translation engines can be custom tailored to individual customers, genres, and other situations where translations need to incorporate specific requirements and repeatable key details.

Translation Accuracy
XL8's Best in Class Translation Accuracy
Our machine translation engines undergo regular rigorous blind reviews by our trusted localization partners, ensuring outstanding translation accuracy.

XL8 Machine Translation's
Key Benefits

Optimize your localization process and save time for what truly matters.

Faster Turnaround Times
Faster Turnaround Times
Translate Content Quickly and Meet Tight Deadlines

XL8's AI-powered machine translation enables lightning-fast translations, ensuring businesses can deliver localized content to their target audience within tight timeframes, meeting urgent deadlines.

Lower Translation Costs
Lower Translation Costs
Save Money and Optimize Translation Budgets

Automating the translation process with XL8 substantially increases bandwidth and workflow for human translators, leading to substantial time and cost savings. With higher translation accuracy and shorter post-editing time, XL8 offers a cost-effective solution for optimizing translation budgets.

Improved Consistency
Improved Consistency
Maintain Brand Voice and Seamless User Experience

Achieve consistency in translations across different languages, ensuring brand voice and user experience remain seamless. XL8's machine translation effectively handles catchphrases, slang, colloquialisms, nicknames, and plot-pertinent dialogue, providing consistent translations for key terminology and phrases.

Increased Scalability
Increased Scalability
Efficiently Handle Large-Scale Translation Projects

XL8 empowers businesses with large-scale translation requirements by combining machine translation with human post-editing. This approach maximizes efficiency, scalability, and collaboration between machine and human translators, backed by powerful data and expert guidance.

Seamless API Integration
Seamless API Integration
Integrate with Any Portal, Anywhere

XL8 offers seamless integration with any portal, providing customized system development and integration capabilities. Connect XL8's AI translation tools effortlessly to streamline your localization process, regardless of your preferred platform or location.

Client Stories

We work with 100+ clients and collaboration partners from 70+ countries, including content owners, localization service providers, user generated content (UGC) creators, global streaming platforms, broadcasters, and anyone around the world needing the best, most cost-effective and accurate AI based media localization solution on the planet.

XL8's translation engine surpasses prominent providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, offering exceptional accuracy and ease of use for professional translators in need of high-quality Hebrew translations.


Professional translator

XL8 provides exceptional customer support with quick replies to questions and even faster workflow updates based on the individual needs of its customers.

Jordan Horowitz

Freelance Timed Text Editor

With XL8's engine, a program that takes over 2 hours for human subtitling is done in just 30 minutes - more than halving the time. It's impressive!

Weshah Ali

Project Coordinator, Gobavo

By pairing XL8's advanced translation technology with Zixi's protocol and ZEN Master control plan, together we offer live broadcasts in 725 languages to customers in 120 countries, eclipsing competitors on any other platform.

John Wastcoat

SVP Strategic Alliances and Marketing, Zixi

With a seamless and swift integration process, our clients gained access to the finest machine translation technology for media content.

Serhiy Dmytryshyn

Founder, Crowdin

XL8 provides 74% ready-to-use translations, 32% faster delivery, and outperforms competitors by 20% - the ultimate choice in machine translation.

Allan Dembry

CFO, Iyuno

Partnering with XL8, I've seen a remarkable 70-80% cut in time and cost, particularly valuing their expertise in entertainment translations.


Seasoned Translator

XL8’s MediaCAT is a superior solution for content creators, enabling them to save time and costs.


CEO, EO Studio

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