Machine Translation That Doesn't Translate Like A Machine.

We believe that technology is key to building a better, more prosperous world and new efficient business models for all. Here is by far the most humane machine translation. Explore Now

Product Line Up

Ushering in an age of unlimited potential fueled by massive improvements in machine translation.

  • LateX API Seamlessly integrate machine translation into any system, anywhere through LateX API.
  • LateX QC Expect the highest quality translation results powered by machine translation technology and human-powered QC.
  • LateX Web Take control as a freelance translator and increase turnaround times with LateX Web.

Machine Translation? At this moment in history, everything is shifting.
AI technology is transforming every walk of life.
It is wide-ranging and is already enabling people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data and use the resulting insights.

  • Consistent terminology Catchphrases, slang, colloquialisms, nicknames and repeated plot pertinent dialogue remain consistent from start to finish
  • Seamless API Integration Customized systems development and integration with any portal, anywhere
  • Highest Quality Translation & QC Backed up by powerful data and lead by trained experts.
  • Accelerated Turnaround Speed to match and satisfy the current market demand.

Customer Testimonials

  • “XL8 is a front runner in the field of machine translation. They provide excellent service and show in-depth knowledge on building translation engines. This is valuable for us as a leading localization company ” Shaun Gregory CEO at IYUNO Media Group

Transforming the World Through Neural Machine Translation

  • 37% of sentences translated by G Translate can be used directly in production
  • 74% of sentences translated by XL8 can be used directly in production
  • 32% of delivery time reduced by using XL8’s neural machine translation

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