Building a better, more prosperous world through AI technology.

Machine Translation That Doesn't Translate Like A Machine.

We believe technology to be key in building new and more efficient business models. We have created the most human-like translation engine targeted specifically towards media and entertainment localization.

Who we are

Help the world communicate by eliminating barriers of languages, regions, or circumstances through innovative AI technologies.

  • Consistent terminology

    Catchphrases, slang, colloquialisms, nicknames and repeated plot pertinent dialogue remain consistent from start to finish.

  • Seamless API Integration

    Customized systems development and integration with any portal, anywhere.

  • Reaching new limits

    A forefront pioneer in the ‘AI Machine Translation’ revolution by training XL8 engines through deep learning technologies.

Why XL8?

XL8 offers you the chance to propel your business forward by utilizing our new AI machine translation ecosystem.
XL8’s new AI technology and machine translation services offer you a better, more profitable and efficient translation business model.
Here is by far the most human-like machine translation.

High Quality

High Quality

74% of sentences translated by XL8 can be used directly in production.

Stylized Translation

Stylized Translation

XL8 supports formality, genre, glossaries, and so on. This produces stylized translations for each client.

High Quality

Faster Process

32% of delivery time reduced by using XL8’s neural machine translation.

High Quality

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs by up to 70%.

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