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For better, more precise translations, we've designed our services to work seamlessly with other tools through APIs.

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You don't need to worry about the technical details – our APIs are user-friendly and we provide clear instructions. Whether you're using translation or streaming platforms, you can smoothly add our service to your current setup.

Text Translation

Use our text translation API for easy text conversion. Our real-time API swiftly translates shorter texts.

45 supported languages for real-time & synchronous translations

File Translation

Our file translation API is ideal for lengthy texts, like media subtitles, delivering downloaded translations in your preferred format with intact time codes.

45 supported languages for real-time & synchronous translations


Sync uses advanced AI to produce precise subtitles for your media. Pair it with our file translation API for easy global audience reach.

37 supported languages


XL8's Dubbing API creates realistic audios. Pick dubbing or voice-over. Single speaker now, multi-speaker soon.

29 supported languages

Live Subs

XL8 Live Subs expands your audience with live, multilingual translations and subtitling. Use XL8's AI-powered machine translation for live content.

37 supported languages

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