XL8 CEO Tim Jung Represents Future Entrepreneurs at Prestigious Event Hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea

San Jose, CA (Nov 22, 2023) - XL8 is delighted to announce that our CEO Tim Jung had the distinct honor of representing and pitching the future generation of entrepreneurs at a prestigious event hosted by the President of the Republic of Korea.

On November 15th, Tim participated in the "Conversation with the Future Generation" held in San Francisco, USA. The event, organized by the Government of the Republic of Korea, aimed to inspire and empower young minds to explore new opportunities in Silicon Valley—a nexus of challenges and innovation. The focus was on gathering insights directly from the younger generation to enhance national-level support systems.

Sharing his journey from a role at Google to founding an AI translation company in 2019, Tim underscored the significance of identifying personal challenges as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship. Reflecting on his experience, he articulated, "Through recognizing individual challenges, we can pave the way for innovation and entrepreneurship." Additionally, he expressed his hope for robust government support for startups like XL8, facilitating the transformation of small successes into digital innovation.

XL8 is dedicated to revolutionizing localization with future technologies, and we invite your support as we endeavor to break down language barriers and contribute to a brighter future for people worldwide, including Korea.

Tim Jung, CEO of XL8

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