XL8 Nominated for DEG EnTech Awards in Two Categories

XL8 has received nominations in two categories at the upcoming, prestigious  DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group EnTech Awards, highlighting our continuous commitment to developing technology solutions that cater to our customers' ever-evolving needs. Explore the technology behind these nominations and learn how XL8's innovative approach is driving transformation in the industry.

Emerging Tech Award: MediaCAT

XL8's MediaCAT 3.0 helps revolutionize global digital entertainment distribution by using cutting edge AI technology to meet the surging demand for diverse content consumed by audiences all over the world. Tailored workflows strike the perfect balance between quality, cost, and speed-to-market, ushering in a new era of efficient and cost-effective content localization. 

With AI Machine Translation engines trained on two decades of specialized media data, MediaCAT excels in automating subtitle generation, context-aware translation across 81 languages, and synthetic voice-overs.     

Having successfully localized over 800,000 hours of top tier media content, XL8 is not just transforming the industry, we are consistently setting a new standard of excellence

Technology Innovation Award: XL8 Engineering Team

The media industry  grapples with significant challenges as global content continues to expand rapidly, demanding faster and more efficient localization capabilities. Traditional methods struggle to keep pace, exacerbated by a shortage of new linguists.  

While XL8’s MediaCAT tackles localization as a whole, the XL8 Engineering team has been additionally recognized for the Technology Innovation Award by pioneering solutions for specific pain points in the post-editing process.  

Language Translation Predictive QC Score:

XL8's AI Translate tool delivers predictive translation accuracy, empowering linguists to optimize their time allocation.

Revise With AI:

Embedded within MediaCAT's Post Editor system, this feature provides instant alternatives, slashing post-editing time by over 50%.

Alignment With AI:

This innovation resolves the challenge of accommodating different language subtleties and sentence length, eliminating placement guesswork.

XL8's innovative approach to localization, guided by  our experienced engineering team, is making a positive impact on the industry by addressing and tackling some of the industry’s most complex issues.   

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