XL8 Strengthens Enterprise Security with Key New Hire

New hire to the team demonstrates XL8's unwavering commitment to safeguarding customer data

San Jose, CA (July 6, 2023) - XL8, a Silicon Valley tech company that provides AI-powered machine translation technology optimized for media content, is proud to announce a strategic hire aimed at fortifying the security of our valued customers' data. This significant move underscores our resolute dedication to taking our innovative technology to new heights while prioritizing the utmost data security.

We are delighted to introduce Parweiz Mustan, a seasoned security expert, as the newest member of our team. Parweiz brings a wealth of experience in developing, scaling, and nurturing legal, compliance, and security functions across a wide spectrum of companies, ranging from nimble startups to industry giants like Siemens, HP, and eBay. As we forge ahead, Mustan's primary focus will revolve around bolstering our compliance efforts, including Soc2 Type2, ISO 27001, TPN, and GDPR, to establish an impregnable foundation for our cutting-edge solutions.

By leveraging his profound expertise in security, Parweiz will further elevate XL8's position as a trailblazer in the industry, reinforcing both the internal and external  security aspects of our company.

"Security remains a paramount concern that must be ingrained in our collective consciousness, even in the absence of incidents." emphasized Tim Jung, CEO of XL8. He further remarked, "This recent hire signifies only the beginning of our company's evolution and expansion, as we relentlessly strive to maintain our pioneering status."

At XL8, we take the security of our customers very seriously. With these strategic hires and a steadfast commitment to data security, we are taking a progressive leap forward, ensuring that our innovative technology is fortified to meet the challenges of today's ever-evolving threat landscape.

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