XL8 Wins Two DEG EnTech Awards for Technology Innovation and Emerging Technology Advancements

San Jose, CA (October 19, 2023) - XL8, a leading deep-tech startup specializing in AI-powered machine translation technology, is proud to announce that it has been recognized in two categories at the 2023 DEG EnTech Awards: Technology Innovation and Emerging Technology categories.

XL8's core service, MediaCAT, won in the Emerging Technology category. This DEG Award recognizes companies that have developed new technologies that can positively impact the future of digital entertainment distribution. MediaCAT, a cloud-based platform built around XL8’s proprietary AI Machine Translation engines, streamlines the media localization process through a suite of innovative localization tools. MediaCAT impressed the judges because it levels the playing field for monetizing just about every type of content around the globe, even content that was previously considered too costly to localize. MediaCAT supports over 45 tier 1 languages, and its homegrown MT engines have been trained with pure, golden source data, resulting in colloquial translations according to how people actually speak, and not a simple word for word translation.

The second award XL8 received was the Technology Innovation Award, which recognizes an individual or team that has identified a problem or road-block in the localization landscape, and developed a specific technology to tackle it. The DEG community recognized and honored the efforts of the XL8 engineering team for their work in creating specific solutions using proprietary AI to overcome antiquated Post-Editing methods.

Led by XL8’s CTO, Jay Park, the XL8 engineering team researches and develops solutions for the whole of the localization industry. However, it’s XL8’s customers that help guide us to build better products, including MediaCAT, as well as EventCAT, XL8’s real-time translation solution.

"In a rapidly changing global media landscape, this award proves that even though XL8 is a start-up, its breakthrough technologies help to solve the obstacles faced by our customers, and we are very proud of the many technological breakthroughs we have achieved in a short amount of time," Jay commented. 

About the DEG

The Digital Entertainment Group (www.degonline.org) advocates for and promotes entertainment platforms, products, and distribution channels that support the film, television, music, consumer electronics, and IT industries. The DEG EnTech Awards and Recognition event honors exceptional technological achievements in the digital supply chain and digital distribution, recognizing the contributions of both companies and individuals. This event also encourages and promotes excellence in all areas acknowledged by the DEG and underscores the importance of the Technology and Operations teams that support digital distribution.

About XL8

XL8 was founded in 2019 by technical executives from Google and Apple, both with an advanced degree in Computer Science from Columbia University. A Silicon Valley tech company at its core, XL8 takes AI-powered machine translation (MT), specially optimized for media content, to the next level. Its advanced technology allows significantly more efficient workflows by providing: in-line editing, automated media transcription with time coding, automated subtitling, synthesized voice dubbing, real-time meeting interpretation, and live subtitling. XL8’s uniquely specialized translation engines have been built from the ground up utilizing professionally trained, human-perfected subtitles curated from the media industry’s top content producers. XL8’s “secret sauce” offers media-focused translation accuracy that is up to 40% higher than other generally available MT services. Since its inception, XL8 has surpassed translating 800,000 hours of content and more than 2.2 billion words and currently supports more than 45 tier 1 languages.

For more information, please visit http://xl8.ai

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