XL8’s Machine Translation Engine Outperforms Other Big Major Players in the Market

The two industry leaders announce the availability of an integration between the two translation environments

San Jose, CA (May 19, 2021) - XL8 Inc. and Scriptx have announced the availability of a unique collaborative translation solution that brings innovation and empowerment to companies around the world. The relationship strengthens offerings to current clients like Iyuno-SDI: a Netflix preferred partner and a leader in top global media and Arbor Media: specializing in live streaming and webcasting solutions for government agencies.

The direct connection between XL8’s high quality translation service and Scriptx’s innovative speech recognition service brings forward the bestpossible custom speech-to-text and speech-to-speech translation models to market, while eliminating barriers of languages, regions, or circumstances through innovative AI technologies.

XL8’s translation service enhances the relationship between clients and their customers through extremely accurate and domain-specific results, thus helping clients to keep timelines on track and to make the operations dramatically more cost efficient. On the other hand, Scriptx’s custom model results in higher accuracy on average compared to generic models. Together, the duo serves as a unique solution to facilitate vast forms of translations around the world.

“At Scriptx we look to build partnerships with companies that have a shared vision when it comes to delivering the best possible solutions for customers. In XL8 we have found just that. They bring a dedicated team of specialists in their field to the table resulting in state-of-the-art machine translation algorithms that enable us to create more value for our customers by building end-to-end translation pipelines leveraging both Scriptx speech to text and XL8 machine translation.” Frand Olsthoorn, CEO of Scriptx.

The translation, localization, and interpretation market landscape is rapidly changing hugely driven by the recent advancement of AI technologies.

By adopting a machine-assisted translation process, equipped with the highest quality data and models tailored to the target domain, a few, core localization companies are already transitioning and scaling up. In the AI-driven era, only companies who embrace these technologies and are ready for the future will survive and dominate the market. This partnership will be a vehicle for those who want to be the future.

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