Breaking Language Barriers: Bridging Cultures at Content Universe

I pushed open the large door with all my might and stepped into a dark space I had never seen before. With a deep breath and a sense of wonder, I felt I had entered an amusement park. But I didn't. This was no ordinary park; it was the venue for KINTEX's Content Universe Korea, the largest exhibition space in Korea.

This special 72-hour event was packed with activities: lectures, exhibitions, workshops, and hackathons. They all focused on the exciting blend of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and creative content. XL8, the creators of EventCAT, a tool for real-time interpretation and subtitles, was there to greet attendees from all over the world.

Keynote speeches from notable figures like Mr. DJ Koh, former president of Samsung Electronics, and Mr. Ki-Chan Kim, Chairman of International Council for Small Business(ICSB), were highlights. They explored the theme "Why do we challenge?," focusing on how companies can maintain their character. Their talks shed light on the importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainable management, emphasizing human values and vision, and reminding us that ‘people’ are at the heart of every technology-driven business.

During the opening and keynote speeches, screens displayed real-time subtitles for 72 hours, allowing attendees to understand the speakers in their own language. This feature made it easier to grasp the key messages being conveyed. One attendee remarked after a panel discussion on the global rise of K-content, "The subtitles made it easy to follow the international speakers' discussions, making the sessions more engaging."

EventCAT in Action Highlights:

  • Easy Setup: You only need a microphone for the speakers and a laptop to receive the voice, and you're set to interpret.
  • Enhanced Experience for Participants: Real-time captions on a big screen improve the event experience.
  • Cost-effective: Requires no extra equipment, keeping the budget for interpretation/translation low.

In essence, "content" encompasses all forms of information, whether in language, text, images, or videos. EventCAT, with its AI-powered translation and subtitling, proves that language is no barrier to sharing ideas.

If you're looking to spread your ideas globally, try EventCAT. We're here to help you connect with audiences worldwide. Schedule a meeting with us here.

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