Breaking Language Barriers: EventCAT in Action at TEDxSeoul's event

In the realm of storytelling, there exists an extraordinary power, capable of stirring souls and propelling humanity forward. At the heart of this power lies TED, an institution that has transcended borders and languages to become a beacon of inspiration for millions worldwide, myself included.

TED's journey, originating from the nexus of technology, entertainment, and design, has evolved into a vast tapestry of ideas spanning the spectrum of human endeavor. From the United States, TED has ventured forth, birthing independent events like TEDx, where people may sign up for free, hands-on experiences in their local communities, led by an expert.

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On the hallowed grounds of the British Embassy Seoul, TEDxSeoul unfolded an event of profound significance at the International Women's Day 2024. Bearing the theme "Our Shared Planet", TEDx Seoul’s COUNTDOWN convened a cadre of visionaries united in their quest to redefine our relationship with the environment.

This event brought together experts like biologist and ecologist, Dr. Jae Chun Choe, KBS PD Koo Min-jung, whose creation "Black Box on Earth" illuminates the climate crisis through the lens of music and entertainment and Yoonhee Choi, a UNICEF officer to shed light on climate change and environmental challenges. Each speaker had 18 minutes to share their research findings, personal experiences, and stories of environmental protection in simple, easy to understand, language.

The entire event was conducted in Korean, but for English-speaking participants, TEDx collaborated with XL8 and their EventCAT Conference platform, delivering real-time AI interpretation. 

EventCAT Conference is user-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere with a stable network connection. By scanning the generated QR code, participants can view real-time subtitles on their personal mobile devices or tablets. Additionally, subtitles are also displayed on the venue's screen.

“EventCAT was not only a more economical choice for events with limited resources than hiring a professional interpreter, but it was also a great choice for participants from an experiential standpoint. It's highly intuitive, easy to use, and enables us to easily apply the solution in the field.” said Eugene Hwang, event manager of TEDxSeoul.

One of the participants in the event remarked, "EventCAT was a fantastic means for me to connect with some of the great speakers in a comfortable language. The subtitles provided made it easier for us to comprehend the discussions and further enhanced our enjoyment of the event."

EventCAT in XL8 translating a conference

"TEDxSeoul is exploring how we can address language barriers to promote inclusion and realize its value. At TEDx Seoul COUNTDOWN, EventCAT has propelled us forward, bringing us closer to our goal.” said David Choo, Licensee/Curator of TEDxSeoul.

EventCAT,  XL8’s real-time translation platform, will continue to support organizations like TEDxSeoul, thereby ensuring "ideas worth spreading" are accessible without language barriers. Stay tuned for our future endeavors together.

EventCAT in Action Highlights:

  • Seamless Integration: With EventCAT's easy-to-use interface, TEDxSeoul effortlessly set up and shared translations with participants, breaking down language barriers at the event.
  • Real-time Precision: Attendees were amazed by the speed and accuracy of EventCAT's translations, showcasing the platform's ability to deliver content from Korean to English instantly.
  • Flexible Display Options: EventCAT's adaptability allowed TEDxSeoul to choose how translations were presented, meeting the diverse language needs of their audience.

By utilizing XL8’s EventCAT, TEDxSeoul effectively demonstrated that language was no longer a barrier to sharing inspiring ideas and stories on a global stage.

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