Global Events Redefined by XL8's AI Live Translation Technology, EventCAT

In April 2024, the global tech community converged at the 'Connect to Code 2024' (C2C 2024), a prominent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) event held at the Coex convention center in Seoul. The event drew an impressive crowd of 65,000 attendees over three days, underscoring its importance as a key meeting point for industry professionals worldwide.

The conference boasted a roster of distinguished speakers, including thought leaders and innovators from various sectors. Discussions ranged from the impacts of AI and aging societies on individualism to the dynamics of international startup ecosystems. These sessions highlighted the evolving nature of technology and its interaction with global business and culture.

A standout feature of the event was the introduction of the 'Silent Seminar' system. This setup allowed exhibitions, seminars, and consultations to occur simultaneously in the same space without auditory interference. Participants wore headsets to receive clear audio directly from the speakers, complemented by real-time translated subtitles on screens. This system not only minimized noise pollution but also bridged language gaps efficiently, supporting languages such as Korean, English, and Japanese.

Efficient and Inclusive Communication:

With the help of EventCAT's real-time interpretation, speakers' insights were instantly accessible, enabling a truly inclusive experience. This was particularly beneficial during deep-dive workshops and mentoring sessions, where precise and immediate understanding was crucial.

Comprehensive Access:

The conferences featured a flexible display system that accommodated large screens and personal mobile devices, ensuring that attendees could easily access real-time translations irrespective of their location within the venue.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Setup:

EventCAT's implementation at C2C 2024 showcased its adaptability and economic efficiency. The tool required minimal hardware, relying only on robust internet access and standard laptops to facilitate the translation process. By eliminating the need for traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment like booths and headsets, EventCAT supported the event's eco-friendly ethos.

Participants at C2C 2024 expressed high satisfaction with the real-time subtitle feature, noting that it significantly enhanced their ability to engage with the content. The instant translation not only facilitated a deeper understanding but also encouraged active participation, fostering a richer conference experience. 

How EventCAT Redefines international Events 

EventCAT's success at C2C 2024 exemplifies the future of event planning, where digital solutions like live translation and real-time interpretation play a pivotal role in democratizing information access. These technologies are set to redefine how global audiences connect and interact at international gatherings.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, tools like EventCAT are critical in ensuring that language barriers do not hinder the exchange of ideas and knowledge across cultures. Whether for large-scale conferences or intimate workshops, real-time translation services are becoming indispensable in the global landscape. By integrating these technologies, event organizers can provide a more accessible, inclusive, and engaging experience for all attendees.

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