Introduction to XL8!

Who are we?

To simplify, XL8 is a Silicon Valley startup that provides innovative technologies to deliver machine translation automation through deep neural network technologies. The ultimate goal of our program is to solve and improve the translation quality of every language in the world.

We have found the traditional translation industry to be erroneous and slow. Thus, in different cases we have employed human translators, AI or both to make translation much more efficient for companies today – and our methods are excelling. According to the blind evaluation performed at a client company, XL8’s translations can be used around 70% without any modifications while Google Translate showed close to 30%. This alone can help businesses progress across a variety of industries.

As we expand globally, we are partnering with some key collaborators to help make user experience the best it can possibly be. In October, we met with XLE Lab of POSTECH to sign an MOU Agreement. This means we will benefit from their world-leading technologies available in their APE (Automatic Post-Editing) and QE (Quality Estimation) areas.

To clarify, Automatic Post-Editing (APE) is otherwise known as a task of correcting errors from the machine translated output and Quality Estimation (QE) is used to automatically provide a quality indication for machine translation output without human reference translations. Collaborating with experts in the industry will allow us to scale quickly as we solve issues collaboratively to bring value to our users.

Why XL8?

As mentioned, the outcomes of our translation services are better than many of our competitors, with around 74% accuracy. According to our clients’ recent experiments, adopting XL8’s NMT in their translation process not only significantly improved the budget and the resource efficiency, but also did contribute to saving their delivery time up to 40%.

Other general benefits of all translation services include having a company do the legwork for you and ability to increase reach and customer base in foreign markets. Time and time again, we have seen the long-term benefits outweigh the upfront investments in translation.

What next?

We are working efficiently to develop the best solutions for our customers – and would love to help your business grow today. Contact us to start a more effective and efficient translation process today.

Need more information?

Feel free to reach out to us today, and we'll get back to you within one business day. Be sure to include your location so a member of our global sales team can assure communication in your closest time zone.