It’s now offcial! MediaCAT version 1.0 is here to help you localize your media content!

We're excited to announce that XL8 has just officially launched the first version of its new product, MediaCAT!

MediaCAT, utilizing AI in the form of “Computer Assisted Translation,”  automatically extracts dialogue from the speech in media content, creates optimized subtitles based on the extraction, and simultaneously translates and/or dubs a subtitle to multiple desired language pairs. More importantly, it allows localization professionals to post-edit the results seamlessly within the MediaCAT platform.

Allow us to walk you through MediaCAT and demonstrate how it can help you efficiently localize your content.


Do you regularly experience bad subtitles? I don’t mean a bad translation, but an unsatisfactory user experience (e.g., too much text in a scene, subtitles not in sync with the audio, etc.)?

This is one of the main problems that MediaCAT aims to solve. MediaCAT’s Sync functionality allows users to create a subtitle file optimized for their media content. By utilizing our state of the art speech-to-text technology, MediaCAT is able to extract lines from uploaded media content, and create a subtitle file based on the user’s personalized configuration settings.

  • [Step 1] Drag & drop any media file (from Disk or URL)

  • [Step 2] Create and Run based on the user’s personalized configuration settings.

💡It just takes two steps to create a subtitle file optimized for your media content.

Sync Tutorial Video


We have created a subtitle file optimized for your media content. Now let's expand your media’s audience by translating that subtitle file into multiple languages.

One of the core technologies that distinguishes our translation tool from a quality standpoint is our use of Context Awareness to efficiently translate colloquial phrases. Context Awareness allows MediaCAT to truly “localize” content instead of simply translating it “word for word.”

💡The user can select various languages at once, and MediaCAT translates to all of those languages simultaneously.

Another unique thing about MediaCAT’s translation tool is that you can select a formality or a genre for specific languages. MediaCAT is able to create a more natural translation which is optimized for the selected formality or genre.

Translation Tutorial Video


You now have subtitles that can help you reach diverse audiences. But sometimes people simply like hearing it in their native language rather than going through the trouble of reading it. That is why MediaCAT uses its text-to-speech technology to create synthetic voices that are fully aligned to your video and corresponding subtitle file.

💡You can record a dub or voice-over for the specified media or create voice audio tracks from subtitles.

Dubbing Tutorial Video

But the best thing about MediaCAT is that you don’t have to run these tasks separately for each individual asset. MediaCAT’s smart AI technology can run all these tasks concurrently, or one by one, whichever you prefer.

We hope that MediaCAT will help you rethink your localization strategy and allow you to monetize content in ways you’ve never thought possible before.

We’d love for you to give MediaCAT a try! Claim your free credits by signing up today at: MediaCAT

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