Online News Takes on New Meaning - Breaking down Language Barriers with Real-Time Translation

Content creators from all corners of the globe are constantly seeking ways to expand their audience reach, enhance accessibility, and increase engagement. In live-streaming online news channels, teams of dedicated journalists are not just reporting news, they are reshaping communications. They serve as a bridge, connecting millions of global viewers to significant news events worldwide. In doing so, they offer an additional voice and enable the reporting of events that mainstream journalism may overlook, inspiring a new era of global news consumption. Real-time news translation is a transformative tool in this process, opening new possibilities for worldwide communication and understanding. 

The online news platform market allows traditional news organizations and digital-native players to connect with global audiences. However, the sheer volume of content can be challenging in capturing and retaining audience attention. How can an online video news organization increase engagement and retain its audience? How can they effectively communicate with a global audience, each speaking and understanding different languages? How can they ensure accessibility for viewers with hearing impairments or those learning a new language? These questions underscore the need for more relevant and engaging content, highlighting the importance of multilingual content for audience inclusion and fostering a sense of global community. 

Exploring New Ways to Reach Audiences

With media giants like Facebook and YouTube providing robust distribution platforms, publishers and content creators can explore new formats and avenues to reach audiences. One such practical solution is the demand for multilingual translated content and subtitles. Numerous online video news channels applaud XL8’s EventCAT for breaking down language barriers and enabling them to reach and engage with a broader global audience. EventCAT facilitates real-time language translation of subtitles (supporting 41 languages) to be created instantly, simplifying the translation process through AI technology with speech-to-text (STT) automation and machine translation. If accessibility and engagement of non-native speakers are crucial to an online video news channel publisher, then accurate and contextually relevant translations and subtitles should be a top consideration.

EventCAT's (Event + Computer Assisted Translation) real-time translation capabilities set it apart - crucial for live news programming where immediate language translation is required. Instantaneous translation of subtitles ensures that non-native speakers receive the information simultaneously with the original broadcast stream. Whether live interviews, panel discussions, commentary, or on-the-ground reporting, global audiences can access precise translated content in real time. By providing high-quality translations and creating accurate subtitles, XL8 enables customers to try this technology to expand their audience. Our online video news channel customers report a significant increase in viewer engagement and time spent watching, highlighting EventCAT’s positive impact on viewer retention and satisfaction.

If you’re not in the live streaming business and need a comprehensive tool to subtitle news programs in different languages for non-real-time use, another option is XL8's MediaCAT. It is designed to streamline the translation process and improve translation quality without the requirement for real-time subtitles and streaming. Users can accurately and quickly create subtitles in multiple languages and then distribute the content on their preferred platform.

Optimizing Speed + Accuracy in Real-Time Translation

Speed may be mandatory, but so is contextual understanding and accuracy. Metaphors, analogies, and idioms that resonate with the target audience may be challenging. EventCAT utilizes XL8's advanced quality assurance mechanisms to ensure high accuracy and consistency with contextually appropriate translation—all with continuous learning and improvement to enhance performance over time. 

Imagine broadcasting in multiple languages simultaneously with localized accuracy, broadening the reach and enhancing the viewer experience.

Opportunities in Online Educational / Training Platforms

Online learning platforms also face challenges in providing affordable and timely translated subtitles and interpretation for their diverse user base. Using XL8’s interpretation capabilities and technology, global education providers can now offer automated translation of subtitles and speech-to-text without requiring extensive manual review by translators. Global education providers are integrating XL8 technology into their workflows to meet the needs of their diverse and multilingual student populations. It helps facilitate language accessibility, foster inclusivity, enhance the learning experience, not to mention expand their reach. Global IT organizations and IT education institutes have implemented XL8 technology to provide multilingual subtitles to their training videos across their multinational platforms. This ensures that employees at their various campuses worldwide (or in work-from-home instances) have consistent and accessible training resources.

XL8's speech-to-text technology is helping educational organizations broaden their reach by providing accurate transcriptions of spoken language and converting audio and video content into text. With its machine learning capabilities, XL8’s machine translation engine automatically translates the text into multiple target languages. This type of innovation streamlines operations and enhances the learning experience for students worldwide.

With the advent of truly globalized content, the demand for translation services has surged. AI, machine learning, translation, and localization technology are revolutionizing global media, paving the way for a future where language barriers are eliminated and information is universally accessible. We’re enabling content owners to extend their reach to broader audiences and surpass their traditional demographic limitations. Being at the forefront of the globalized media landscape and supporting multilingual accessibility is what drives us forward.

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