XL8’s Machine Translation Engine Outperforms Other Big Major Players in the Market

With the landscape rapidly changing within media localization, studios, streamers, content creators and most recently, our clients, are evaluating their current machine translation providers.They feel it is very important to explore other options available within the marketplace that can provide an increase in both performance and accuracy.

The quality of an engine’s translation is extremely important. In recent third party evaluations, XL8 outperformed every one of its competitors. It is for this very reason that XL8 will become the new exclusive machine translation solution for two of our top clients. What an amazing win for XL8!

The results and above graph show that all of the language pairs’ source language was English, with the x-axis representing the target language. The y-axis shows the accuracy of each solution for that specific language pair.

For example, the left-most language pair is English-to-Danish, where XL8 (in Blue) shows around 70% accuracy while other MT service providers range only around 40%-55%. More simply put, 7 out of 10 sentences translated by XL8 can be used without modification while only 4 out of 10 sentences translated by other machine translation providers can be used without modification. With a majority of projects, this level of accuracy is even lower than the average, manual human translation.

How many language pairs XL8 supports?

A total of 20 language pairs among 51 language pairs XL8 currently supports were evaluated by these localization companies as of April 2021. To view a full list of languages we currently support, please click here or read our whitepaper. We are continuously adding over 100 new language pairs, prioritized based on the demands of our clients and the industry. Interested in one of our language pairs for an upcoming project? Please let us know by contacting us to get the ball rolling!

Why translation quality matters?

Translation quality and accuracy are held as key in media localization. Likewise, every single client would appreciate the better translation quality and ultimately it is the benefit and confidence in low costs and time savings. For XL8, it is guaranteeing that our clients, for example, do not need to order post-edits on their machine translation results. And as a result we are delivering perfect localization results every time. According to our research, a 5%p increase in the MT quality evaluation score resulted in approximately a 7% faster lead time and a 11% saving in the overall cost.

What can MT do for localization companies?

Some localization companies comment, “we already have enough human translators and we don’t want to fire them.” This stand comes from a complete misunderstanding of the role of machine translation in the localization business. Machine translation is not a replacement to human workflows but rather a tool for translators to use in order to achieve better quality, higher outputs and most importantly, greater scale.

When your company receives an unusually high order of localization projects, it’s very unlikely you will be able to hire that many translators or freelancers in a short period of time. Then, the order will likely go to the company that can scale using machine translation.

Most importantly, XL8 will continue to embrace it as a pioneer and the front seat in this space to drive value for the benefit of all parties in the industry.

Coachmen who adapted the new vehicles with an engine never disappeared – instead they became chauffeurs. Think about what happened to coachmen who refused to drive cars.

Become an industry leader in forging the path for the best machine translation in the market by contacting us at contact@xl8.ai.

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