Maximizing Translation Efficiency with XL8 MT and the Crowdin Localization Tool

In today's globalized world, businesses need to translate their content efficiently to reach international audiences. That's where machine translation (MT) comes in handy. XL8 is a powerful MT system that, when combined with the Crowdin localization tool, helps businesses maximize their translation efficiency. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of MT, the features of XL8 and Crowdin, and share some best practices for smooth localization workflows. By using XL8 and Crowdin, businesses can streamline translations, cut costs, and ensure consistent, high-quality results.


Explanation of machine translation and localization

Machine translation (MT) is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to automatically translate text from one language to another.

Localization, on the other hand, refers to the process of adapting content to a specific locale or target market. Maximizing translation efficiency is crucial to ensure fast and accurate translations.

Overview of XL8

XL8 takes AI-powered machine translation to the next level, specializing in media content with a particular focus on colloquial speech. Its advanced technology offers a range of media services such as context awareness, in-line editing, automated media transcription with time coding, automated subtitling, synthesized voice dubbing, real-time meeting interpretation, and live subtitling.

What sets XL8 apart are its specialized translation engines, built in-house through professionally produced subtitles sourced from the media industry's top content producers. This "secret sauce" results in media-focused translation accuracy that surpasses other generally available MT services by upwards of 40%. Utilizing its home-grown engines and sheer computing power,, XL8 consistently translates over 30,000 hours of media content per month, or roughly the equivalent of the total content hours available on major VOD platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

With its unmatched expertise in machine translation, particularly for media content, XL8 has positioned itself as a leading solution for media companies seeking to engage global audiences. By integrating XL8's advanced technology with the Crowdin localization tool, businesses can streamline their translation processes, reduce costs, and achieve consistent, high-quality results with their localized content.

Overview of Crowdin localization tool

Crowdin is a localization tool that helps businesses translate content efficiently. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with various (550+) tools, Crowdin simplifies the translation process. It offers collaboration features for effective teamwork and automates repetitive tasks, ensuring faster turnaround times. Crowdin's translation memory and glossary features promote consistency and cost savings. In a nutshell, Crowdin streamlines localization, making it easier to manage projects and deliver high-quality translations. Crowdin also integrates with XL8, allowing users to leverage best in class machine translation capabilities within the platform.

Advantages of using machine translation

Faster turnaround times for translations

Machine translation significantly speeds up the translation process. With Crowdin and XL8, large volumes of content can be translated quickly, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines and deliver localized content to their target audience in a timely manner.

Lower translation costs

Using machine translation can lead to significant cost savings. By automating the translation process, businesses can reduce their reliance on human translators and better allocate resources because XL8 translates with higher accuracy and allows for shorter post editing time. The Crowdin and XL8 solution offers a cost-effective resource for organizations looking to optimize their translation budgets.

Improved consistency in translations

Consistency is crucial in maintaining brand voice and ensuring a seamless user experience across different languages. Machine translation, when used effectively, can provide consistent translations for key terminology and phrases.

Increased scalability for large translation projects

For businesses with large-scale translation requirements, manual translation can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Machine translation, combined with human post-editing, allows for scalable translation processes. XL8's integration with Crowdin enables seamless collaboration between machine and human translators, maximizing efficiency and scalability.

Best practices for using machine translation in Crowdin

Connecting Crowdin with XL8 as best in class for use cases like media and entertainment localization

The media space is a highly specialized and segmented sector that demands a remarkable level of accuracy, creativity, storytelling abilities, deep cultural understanding, and language fluency. Additionally, adhering to the unique technical specifications of content owners and distributors is crucial. XL8 has tackled these requirements by developing specialized data and engine training pipelines that create machine translation engines capable of meeting these stringent criteria. These engines possess advanced capabilities such as context awareness and formality, ensuring exceptional quality translations.

How XL8 combines machine translation with human post-editing

While machine translation can deliver fast and automated translations, human post-editing ensures the highest quality and accuracy possible. XL8 allows users to combine the speed of machine translation with the expertise of human translators. Crowdin's collaboration tools facilitate seamless communication between translators, editors, and reviewers, enabling efficient post-editing workflows. For example, you as a translator would be able to discuss string/translation in the comments or will see the preview of source and target  text right on the Crowdin Editor, where translations and editing takes place.

Translate your media files with Crowdin + XL8

Crowdin offers connectors specifically designed for handling media files. These connectors simplify the process of translating videos and audio files, subtitles, and other multimedia content. By utilizing Crowdin's media file connectors with XL8, businesses can streamline their localization workflows and ensure accurate translations for their multimedia projects.


By leveraging the power of XL8's machine translation integrated into Crowdin's localization platform, companies can experience numerous benefits that enhance the accuracy and efficiency of localization workflows. With  engines trained using superior data curated by professionals and powered by advanced AI technologies such as context awareness and multimodal translation, customers can expect the most precise translation results available. By utilizing this streamlined process within the Crowdin toolset, businesses can significantly reduce turnaround times, minimize costs, ensure content consistency, and achieve greater scalability.

The seamless integration of XL8 machine translation with Crowdin empowers companies to maximize their operational efficiency. Our integration enables businesses to optimize their workflows, guarantee high-quality localized content, and effectively connect with customers across the globe. To experience the full potential of the platform, we invite you to create a Crowdin project and connect XL8 for a complimentary test.

This is collaborative article written by Team XL8 + Team Crowdin

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