Exclusive Features

Top 10 MediaCAT Features for Your Media Localization Workflow

Translation Memory & Term Base Management

XL8's editor boasts the capability to simultaneously utilize multiple translation memory and term base files. Upon applying TMX and TBX files to a project, our intuitive user interface enables effortless comparison of terms and phrases within the files with the subtitle content.

Metadata Creation with AI

We offer AI Metadata Creation of your files that will instantly generate concise and engaging synopses that capture the essence of your content. It also scans your media for any scenes with nudity, violence, or other non-compliant elements, providing you with detailed reports so you can make informed decisions about your content.

Automatic Glossary

Our 'Automatic Glossary Generation' feature leverages advanced AI technologies to automatically create comprehensive, keyword-specific glossaries in real-time. Simply input a keyword related to your project, and watch as our platform compiles a robust glossary filled with relevant terms.

AI Powered QC

Harnessing the power of AI, our editor is able to analyze key metrics to revolutionize the editing process by automatically flagging potential errors within translations and transcriptions. Our aim is to reduce the time spent on QCing by pinpointing potential errors so they can be rectified with ease in the HITL process.

Multilingual Transcription

Seamlessly process multilingual files within a unified project environment. Simply upload your content, and watch as our advanced system effortlessly detects and transcribes the array of languages embedded within your file.

Audio-Visual Speaker Diarization for Media

Boost subtitle accuracy with our audio-visual speaker diarization feature. By combining audio cues with visual analysis like facial recognition, we achieve up to 90% accuracy in identifying speakers, greatly surpassing the industry standard of 50-60% accuracy using audio-only.

Speech-to-Text Formatting Options

Through our STT Options, you're in complete control of how your transcriptions and subtitles are formatted. You can tailor your transcription results to match your exact specifications such as CPL, max line numbers and more, saving you time and ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Translation Formatting Options

Tailor your subtitle translations through our Translation Formatting Options, allowing users to preset parameters like maximum characters per line, maximum lines per subtitle. By providing these presets prior to running translation jobs, users can effortlessly meet the stringent specifications of any subtitle format.

Formality & Genre Specific Translation

Users can effortlessly provide language specific formality and content genre information to empower our engine to translate not only accurately but also culturally relevant and contextually appropriate.

Context Aware Translation

Our proprietary MT engine examines the entire context rather than individual words or sentences in isolation. By understanding the broader context, we ensure that translations are not only accurate but also convey the intended meaning with precision.

More Features


Interfacing seamlessly with third-party storage drives such as Google, MediaCAT presents the functionality of bulk media upload and project creation. This streamlined process enables users to save time by circumventing redundant tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.

Document Translation

MediaCAT's Document Translation feature provides an effortlessly straightforward method for uploading and translating documents. Users can easily upload .docx files and select the desired target language to leverage XL8's proprietary MT engine for seamless document translation.

Collaborative Features

MediaCAT's Project View facilitates smooth collaboration among team members, enabling projects to be executed in a cohesive and cooperative manner. By assigning peers to a project, MediaCAT provides project status updates and notifications, allowing users to monitor both individual assignment progress and overall project advancement.