Instant Multi-Language Transcription

Upload your video and instantly receive transcriptions, subtitles, captions and so much more, in multiple languages. MediaCAT accurately distinguishes speakers with over 90% precision and supports post-processing for specific segmentation needs.

Multilingual Transcription

Seamlessly process multilingual files within a unified project environment. Simply upload your content, and watch as our advanced system effortlessly detects and transcribes the array of languages embedded within your file.

Automatic Glossary Generation

Our 'Automatic Glossary Generation' feature leverages advanced AI technologies to automatically create comprehensive, keyword-specific glossaries in real-time. Simply input a keyword related to your project, and watch as our platform compiles a robust glossary filled with relevant terms.

Audio-Visual Speaker Diarization

Boost subtitle accuracy with our audio-visual speaker diarization feature. By combining audio cues with visual analysis like facial recognition, we achieve up to 90% accuracy in identifying speakers, greatly surpassing the industry standard of 50-60% accuracy using audio-only.

Speech-to-Text Formatting Options

Through our STT Options, you're in complete control of how your transcriptions and subtitles are formatted. You can tailor your transcription results to match your exact specifications such as CPL, max line numbers and more, saving you time and ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Supported Languages

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