MediaCAT : Streamline and Accelerate Video Translation with our AI-Powered Media Localization Tools

Maximize your localization productivity with MediaCAT’s three key features

Sync: Speech to Text Solution (STT)

Easily generate timed files using XL8’s AI speech-to-text technology, while seamlessly creating subtitles, and syncing text with audio and captions for virtually effortless media integration.


Convert subtitles at the press of a button to multiple languages simultaneously, expanding your global reach and impact. The number of supported languages is currently 45, and is continuously growing.

Dub: Text to Speech Solution (TTS)

Automatically create professional synthetic speech for voice-overs and dialog stems, guaranteeing high-quality audio localization.

Discover revolutionary AI-powered video localization tools that reduce your translation time and cost by up to 70%

Unlock streamlined workflows, enhanced precision, and significant time savings with our state-of-the-art AI video translation solution.

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